Dear Partner!


I would like to greet you in the name of Zentó – Piért Kft. seated at Abaújszántó, and I am sending you the introduction material of our company; please look into it when you have some time.

We have made a great progress since the establishment of our company (Zentó Bt – Soltész Papír Kft) in 1991, the only paper bag machine we had at the beginning was replaced by a machine fleet, and today we have the following machines:


  • 2 automatic paper handkerchief machines
  • 2 automatic paper bag machines
  • 1 automatic paper towel machine
  • 2 automatic napkin machine (with press)
  • 2 automatic aluminium foil – clingfilm machines
  • 2 automatic baking paper machines
  • 1 automatic packaging machine to pack rolled products
  • 2 semi-automatic clingfilm making machine
  • 3 Mitsubishi fork-lift trucks
  • 1 sheet cutter
  • 1 guillotine cutting machine


We have plants, warehouses and offices with a floor space more than 3 000 m2 to ensure our reliable operation. We manufacture 26 products with the help of our 20 employees. We accomplish our transport tasks with our own or rented vans and trucks.



Monthly capacity (in 2 shifts)

Paper handkerchief 100                                             1,200,000 pkg.

Paper handkerchief 10                                               1,000,000 pkg.

Folpack (clingfilm)                                                    350,000 rolls

Aluminium foil, calculated as 10 m                          500,000 rolls

Napkins 28 x 28, 32 x 32                                          100,000 pkg.

Rubber ring for preservation, cellophane                  unlimited

Baking paper 8, 15, 20 m                                          260,000 rolls

Grill bag                                                                    100,000 pkg.

“Lady” 5-sheet greaseproof paper (instead of Fetti) 200,000 pkg.

Paper bags                                                                 4,000,000 pcs

Paper tablecloth                                                         20,000 pkg.


We have been an ISO 9001:2008 certified company since 2001 and are audited every year.



Our references


Our Key Suppliers ( 2018 – 2019)

Huchtemeier Papier (DE)

Harmaneci papírgyár(SK)

Convertis SRO(SK)          


Vajda Papír Kft.

Gran Papír Kft.

Alt és Társa Bt.

Rollbox Trade Kft.

Sydnex Kft.


Our Key Accounts ( 2018 – 2019)


Kerekes Kft – PRIVÁT Üzletlánc

KeletAlfi Ker. Kft.

Szolnok Coop Zrt.

Mecsek Füszért Zrt.

Auchan Magyarország Kft.

Észak – Kelet Pro Coop Zrt.

Abaúj Coop Zrt. Encs

Pille Kft.

PDP Trade ‘ 99 Kft.

REÁL Hungária Kft.

Zöld Plasztik Lakics Kft.

ECO ROLL Hungária Kft.

Eurogastro ker. Zrt.

AD VESZ Kft. Miskolc





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Zoltán Soltész

Managing Director

Tel: +36-20-9283-518